Two to four players maneuver their drones around a crowded battlespace, vying for advantages in space and positioning. Place and move your drones strategically to control key areas, allowing you opportunities to disable your enemies and protect your Controller. Work to impede enemy Controllers by forcing them to the outskirts of the battlespace. Be the first player to surround your Controller and unleash a final attack, destroying all enemy forces.


Players: 2-4

Play Time: 10-15 minutes per player

Mechanics: Tile placement, modular board

Type: Abstract strategy, light theme, perfect information

Difficulty: Moderate

Learning time: 5-10 minutes


4 Controllers (1 of each color)

12 Hopper drones (3 of each color)

12 Rounder drones (3 of each color)

8 Barrier drones (2 of each color)

8 Transporter drones ( 2 of each color)

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