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Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Cathedral is a two-player abstract strategy game. It consists of 11 different pieces, which represent your buildings, a neutral cathedral piece, and a 10x10 square board. On your turn you place a building with the goal of controlling the most space and removing your opponent's buildings.

This is an elegant abstract strategy game with some depth. Games are quick and the rules are easy to pick up for new and experienced gamers. Players can start developing their own strategies right away. This makes it a great game for a variety of situations. I usually play to wind down a game night, after dinner with friends, or when I don't have the brainpower and/or time to play something more involved.

Mechanics and Properties

* Area enclosure

* Area control

* Tile placement

* Pattern building

* Pattern recognition

* Perfect information

* Combinatorial

* Polyominoes


There are two versions of Cathedral, plastic and wood. The plastic set has some nice details on the buildings, but I think the wooden set is the better buy. The wooden set is something I've left out for days after a game, just because it's that good looking.

You can find this game at varying price points. Search for a deal! It's absolutely worth it at any low-to-medium price point.

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