Eldritch Horror | Review

Eldritch Horror is a lean, smooth role playing game with a story that runs deep. Choose an investigator to travel the world, solve mysteries, and fight monsters. Enter alone or team up with your friends.

Eldritch Horror is a stream-lined, balanced, story-driven board game with the ability to create lasting memories amongst your friends. Every playthrough is a new, fun, and engaging experience. It is medium-weight with a good amount of luck. You truly never know what’s going to happen, which works well with the theme. This is not a game you can just faceroll. It requires constant communication and strategizing. There is a bit of a learning curve, but after the first playthrough everything starts to make sense. The rules are not fiddly at all.

Mechanics and Properties

* Thematic

* Horror

* Adventure

* Fantasy

* Travel

* Character building

* Asymmetrical

* Storytelling

* Role playing

* Dice rolling

* Item equipment

* Combat

* Mysteries

* Cooperative

* Spells


This game hits a sweet spot with its quality, complexity, price, and depth. It makes for a great medium-weight main event to any gaming session. The only drawback for me is the long playtimes with 5+ players. It is not a problem when the game in on the table. It does a great job of enveloping you in its theme. The problem is finding time to get the game to the table. As I said, though, this is only a problem as you get up there in player count.

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